Puppy Pictures

Hey everybody! Here's Leyna! I finally got to pick her up on October 12th. If you've seen the puppy movie, she's the one who attacks my sandals and the one who keeps rushing the camera a little later.

Set 1: These shots were taken the day the puppies were born ... I just happened to be lucky enough to visit Halo Shepherds 12 hours after their early arrival (they weren't due for another few days). Most of the pictures here are actually of the adult Shepherds at Halo ... the captions on each page will let you know who they are.

Keepsake (mom) Keepsake Puppies! (5 girls, 1 boy) Puppies! (closeup) Kai & Krizia
Krizia & Kai Kai & Krizia Heiress (grandma) Mondara & Heiress Cosmo

Set 2: Okay, HERE are some real puppy pictures! They're nineteen days old now. There are also only five now. One of the females died this past week in a sad accident. The rest, though, are quite healthy and growing rather quickly.

sleepy 1 sleepy 2 sleepy 3
group photo puppy pig pile! all worn out (again)

You can now see Puppies!, the Movie

Set 3: Too much fun! Puppies at 5 weeks old—that's what's too much fun! The movie above was taken at the same time as these photos. No time for comments ... just go enjoy them. There are a couple of Uncle Cosmo tossed in at the end as well.

LET US OUT! puppy kisses statue scratches taking a walk
chewing sitting rough-housing booboo-ized big stretch
sleepy 1 sleepy 1 sleepy 2 naptime 1 naptime 2
Cosmo 1 Cosmo 2