about the fine line...
Great Wits are sure to Madness near ally'd
And thin Partitions do their bounds divide

It seems that the notion of "the fine line between genius and insanity" has been around for quite some time. Yet we talk openly and candidly about the former trait but awkwardly and in hushed tones about the latter. "Mental illness" is such a negatively-loaded term; a label no one wants to wear or even talk about.

The Fine Line is a place where the line can be blurred, perhaps to the extent that there no longer are two sides but, rather, two views superimposed upon one another. In doing so, the works presented at this site have two aims: to heal and to teach.

The Fine Line can help to heal by providing a place for people with chronic neurological disorders (CNDs) to explore their experiences with their disorders through some artistic expression ... a (very public) form of art therapy, if you will.

In providing this forum, the Fine Line can strive to teach those who do not understand what it is like to be depressed, panicked, obsessed, or manic (to name a few states of mind) by blurring the line, by expressing these experiences through means far more vicarious than what you can find in a textbook, a magazine article, or a dictionary.

What is The Fine Line about? It's about building understanding—both intrapersonal and interpersonal. It's about shining a light toward a dark corner into which our culture does not like to look. It's about discovering the humanity existing there, facing up to it, acknowledging and, perhaps, accepting it ... as what is, but not necessarily what it always will be.


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The quote comes from the poem Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden, who was born a few years after Shakespeare died.