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The portfolio for Robert Boyle

The following pages are mostly work I did while employed at Lehman Brothers. In my position there, I was not only responsible for maintaining the public-facing web site ( but also lead development efforts in introducing new content to the site. Four of the pages below are examples of work for which I am responsible from that effort:


  • The Newsroom page is where we posted all of our links to new press releases and news stories and is a complete overhaul of our previous Press Releases page. It also contained links to information the press or general public might be interested in with respect to information about Lehman Brothers. This page implements the jQuery Tabs and Accordion plug-ins as well as some custom Ajax code for switching which year's press releases are shown.

Dark Pools

  • Much of the new content introduced to the site, for which I was the producer, included a new section on the intellectual captial and leadership at Lehman. Dark Pools is a typical web page from that section, highlighting the contents of a report, listing the authors, and showing related information via a jQuery accordion. jQuery was also used as a tooltip to explain what the tag clouds meant and to display the full-size versions of graph thumbnails, both through plug-ins.

LMX Trading Strategies

  • One of the requests we received was to have an expanded section for our business services at, detailing a number of specific products and services – LMX Trading Strategies for example – offered by our Equities and Fixed Income groups. This is an example of one such page.

Media Center Home

  • I was initially brought into Lehman Brothers to re-code the Careers section of the web site – several hundred pages worth of code. The first things I introduced were tableless, css floating templates; something we carried through the rest of the site whenever a page was rewritten and when appropriate. The Media Center was a new feature introduced after the re-coding of the existing site and had Lehman Brothers not filed for bankruptcy we were going to replicate it for the general site and extend it to incorporate the entire firm.

    The Careers section was also beginning a new refresh with a 1000px page width in mind.

Please excuse any horizontal scrolling. This page was designed with 1280 pixels wide monitors in mind. I also have not had the chance to disable all the links, so clicking on them will take you to an error page.

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